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Breakthrough Home Headset Lets People Go Wireless and Hands

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cancers, etc. So, from my point of view I feel quite safe in using them, even in areas where there maybe several operating at the same time.

Perhaps some may suggest that they haven't been in use long enough, to adequately gauge the level of threat, if indeed there is one. Anyway, I'm not concerned: I will not sol republic give mine up!

If you feel like doing your own research in this area, you could start by visiting the Plantronics website and downloading their white paper on the CS50.

On the other, non-technical side, there are the safety benefits that are reaped by not having wires. For a start you wont trip over or catch them on anything and I feel the ergonomics - where and how you sit at your desk while making phone calls may even be further improved by using a wireless.

This is because you don't have the cable to think about at all - it's not tugging or constraining you, so there's no anxiety about whether you maybe stretching the cable too much. This consideration is important if you want to conserve your headset cables, as I've spoken about elsewhere regarding the care of cabled headsets.

There is also the advantage, however unlikely, during a lightning storm, or any other extreme electrical disturbance of not actually being connected to the telephone grid. You're not liable to be used by Mother Nature as a conductor!

About the only thing that is not safer, is your bank balance, as dependant upon the country where you live, lashing out and buying a wireless headset is going to pinch your hip pocket nerve. But, if you're serious about it and understand the benefits, you wont regret the purchase.


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