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News >> Stone Industry News >> Types of Gangs Saws Blades

Types of Gangs Saws Blades

Author:vian Date:2/18/2009 8:00:36 PM Read:3479

A gang saw is a machine used for marble cutting and granite cutting. It can also cut through thick slabs of other quarried blocks of stone such as soft stone, limestone, or travertine into desired pieces.

There are two types of gangs saws blades that can be used on a gang saw. One type of blade, which is used for sawing blocks of stone uses a form of solution called abrasive slurry. Abrasive slurry contains tiny steel grits that are injected on the surface where the cutting is to take place. It is these steel bits that create friction when it makes contact with the surface that is to be cut, and assists in ensuring that the blocks to be cut are trimmed evenly. The steel bits eventually lose its abrasiveness as it is applied to the gangs saws blades. When this happens, more abrasive slurry is added along with the old portions of abrasive slurry. Careful attention must be placed when adding abrasive slurry: too much or too little slurry may produce uneven cuts on the stones surface. This type of blade is normally used for marble cutting and limestone cutting. The abrasive process used by these gangs saws blades are cheaper than other type of blades; however, consume more time in block sawing.

Diamond blades are another type of gangs saws blades, which are composed of diamond drill bits, or small bits of diamonds that are embedded onto the edges of gangs saws blades. Here, water is used as an abrasive to help cool down the blade instead of steel bits, in order to assist in the cutting of stone blades. As the gangs saws blades cut through the blocks of stone, the gang saw that is used may not cut into a straight path because of its abrasive action causes the gang saw to vibrate. As a result, the stone slabs that are cut using these types of gangs saws blades differ in thickness within one stone slab. These types of gangs saws blades are economically used for granite cutting, or to cut any other hard stone that does not require an even sawing finish. The purchase of diamond gangs saw blades cost more, but produces a quicker sawing action.

Diamond segments can be customized, so that your gang saw produces a better sawing action. There are certain companies that manufacture these types of blades. By providing information on the surface that you will be cutting on, the size and type of steel blade you wish to use and the length, spacing and width of the segments, these companies can customize made to order gangs saws blades for you. Even steel blades that you currently own can be embedded with these diamond segments, so that you can gain better cutting efficiency.

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