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Stone college >> Daily Discuss >> 2009-2-24-Bea


Author:bea Date:2/25/2009 Read:1945

一、主题:Stone Samples


Dear Sir, dear Madam!
I'm interested in your beautiful stone sortiment and found some great materials at your website.
Now I would like to ask, if you are providing your clients also some exemplares before buying more of this stones, so I can see the material before.
I'm interested in:

  • Rosewood Timber
  • Dragon Jade
  • Portoro
  • Polishing Slate

Would you be so kind and can you let me know, if you can send just 3 little stone exemplares to Austria?


1)、[2009-2-24 13:55:32] Bea 说: Rosewood Timber

Dragon Jade


Polishing Slate


[2009-2-24 13:56:27] catherine 说: 什么规格?

[2009-2-24 13:56:47] Bea 说: 客户没有说,不过小规格的就可以了

[2009-2-24 13:58:28] catherine 说: 那你先写个样品单吧

[2009-2-24 13:59:10] Bea 说: 不是 先确定一下如果可以我就先回信跟客户说下,然后他同意要付运费我们再准备样品给他

[2009-2-24 13:59:24] catherine 说: ,

[2009-2-24 13:59:32] catherine 说: 那我先向大李确认一下

[2009-2-24 13:59:39] Bea 说: 好的,谢谢哦

[2009-2-24 13:59:50] catherine 说: 你哪一份的报价有这些石头?

[2009-2-24 14:00:49] Bea 说: 新的一个客户在问,还没有报价

[2009-2-24 14:00:56] Bea 说: 奥地利的

[2009-2-24 14:01:45] catherine 说: Rosewood Timber

Dragon Jade

这两个都可以做, Portoro 只能做国产的和阿富汗的,意大利的没有,Slate只能做亚光,不能做抛光,还有,你问一下客户Slat要什么颜色的

[2009-2-24 14:01:57] Bea 说: 好的

[2009-2-24 14:07:05] Bea 说: Portoro 只能做国产的和阿富汗的--我们网站是哪一块

[2009-2-24 14:11:32] Bea 说: 宁三,我们网站上贴的Portoro是意大利的吗

[2009-2-24 14:19:59] Ellen 说:


[2009-2-24 14:20:22] Bea 说: 哦,那客户是到网上看的,他要的样品应该就是意大利的那一块

(2)[2009-2-24 14:12:59] Bea 说: 板岩现在是有几种颜色供选择,3种吗,绿色,黑色和灰色?

[2009-2-24 14:13:39] catherine 说: 好像比较常做的是这三种

[2009-2-24 14:13:55] Bea 说: 锈色有现在比较少了是吧

[2009-2-24 14:14:47] catherine 说: 也有,你看一下看客户要什么样的颜色,一般都可以吧

[2009-2-24 14:15:08] catherine 说: 之前Vian她们都有报过板岩

[2009-2-24 14:15:57] Bea 说: 好的

[2009-2-24 14:19:40] Bea 说: 我知道客户说的是哪一块了,他看中了我们网上的那块抛光的绿板

[2009-2-24 14:19:51] Bea 说: 0AFE8465772F0253BF56C8EAB02ECC72.jpg

[2009-2-24 14:21:23] catherine 说: 一般都是亚光的吧,有时候亚光看起来跟抛光差不多

[2009-2-24 14:21:34] catherine 说: 一般板岩我们报的也都是亚光的

[2009-2-24 14:22:02] Bea 说: 呵呵,主要是我们网站上那样写

[2009-2-24 14:22:58] catherine 说: ,看来网站也得及时更新啊,不然会误导客户的

[2009-2-24 14:23:22] Bea 说: 是啊,意大利那块黑金花没办法提供样品吗

[2009-2-24 14:23:58] catherine 说: ,这块已经没人在做了

[2009-2-24 14:24:17] Bea 说: 晕死了,然后网上还留着,唉

[2009-2-24 14:24:31] Bea 说: 网站更新不及时

[2009-2-24 14:24:32] catherine 说: 所以我说得及时更新啊

[2009-2-24 14:24:40] Bea 说: 是啊


Dear XXX,


This is Bea's greeting from Apexstone China. Thank you very much for your business enquiry and am glad to hear that you are interested in our stone.


We can prepare the samples for you, but you have to pay the express delivery fee by yourself. I am sorry but this is our company's policy.


If you can send just 3 little stone examples to Austria?--Do you mean each color you want three samples?

Please give me your address details includes the telephone number and the express delivery account then I will arrange the samples to you.


Any question please don't hesitate to contact me.


Dear Bea,
Good Morning! Thank you for your quick reply!
Of course, as more samples you have for me as lucky I am, but it depends also on the shipping costs.
Anyway can you send me the shipping costs therefore, when you send me all materials listed below and
I will transfer the amount to your or fedex account.


Dear XXX,


We can supply you these samples without charge (altogether 12 pcs), the shipping cost is about $160. Note please if you ask the FedEx to get the samples from Austria the shipping cost may will be higher than $160.


You can send the shipping cost to our PayPal account Then we will use our account to send the samples to you. Of course if you want use your own account is OK too.



Postal address: 6th floor, Guangxing Building, 466th Nanshan Road,Xiamen 361006, China Tel: 86-592-566-8980 Fax: 86-592-376-1099