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Stone college >> Daily Discuss >> 2009-2-26-Vian


Author:Vian Date:3/2/2009 Read:2031

一,主题:Abide by Contrast

1, 背景:客人四个柜的产品都出了,也把提单的扫描件给客人。可是,现在客人居然还不想付余款。当时,订金就已经不够了。客人说要等货到港后才付余款,这是不可能的! Customer’s email---- Hi Vian,

In first thank you for your letter ,I read it but how I see we again misunderstanding because I not search document original from you without payment I told you where arrive material in port I will make payment I don’t know why I need now to do it?! About deposit 30% how you know in first time I talk with Philip and I told him to sent 7000 Euro because after agreement we grow request from 23.132.00 Euro in 28.598.50 Euro but no problem I don’t to comeback with you because I hope to work with you in long distance (term) for me it is just START I hope and for your company because Kosovo now rebuild after war and need cooperation between us.
 Here in xxxxx are another rules where arrive material in my company for example we open it and inspect if is Ok because many times we have problems with breaking  ( deflection ) material ,after that we make payment. With you my company changes rules because before recipiency material we make payment and for this you need to have consider because we believe you be sure. In first talk when I contact with your company I say you are so serious company and we can start to work because I need with serious company to co-operation it is my opinion.


2, 聊天记录

[2009-2-26 15:09:49] cathy 说: Vian再次和他强调这个没有信任不信任的问题。既然是双方的合作,条件谈妥了就按照条件来执行

[9:38:07] Philip Wu 说: 他如果不按照约定付款,我们就把货物运回来,就这样告诉他



Reply to customer----Hello xxxxx,


Your below email is highly appreciated. Thank you for your time and efforts in explanation. Just as I have said in yesterday's mail, it's not about the trust issue. It's our 1st cooperation, and we two parties both cherish this opportunity. As we have reached the agreement in the 1st beginning on payment terms. T/T 30% as deposit and wire the 70% balance upon the scanned B/L.  All out clients all do in this way and we have a happy relationship with them.


It's impossible and unfair to the buyer as you said, "Arrive material in port I will make payment". We have been in this business for years and our qualified products are enjoying high reputation in U.S. If you worry about the quality, you can come or ask the third party to check the quality before shipment. Or suppose if the products have problem after you unloading them, and if it's proofed of our mistake, we will also shoulder the responsibility.


Awaiting for your prompt reply.


Postal address: 6th floor, Guangxing Building, 466th Nanshan Road,Xiamen 361006, China Tel: 86-592-566-8980 Fax: 86-592-376-1099